Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Random Nail Art

Before I start blogging, I posted my nail art only on my facebook. Maybe it's a good idea if I post my old nail art design, mmm.. about 2 years ago. And here it is.

This is my very first nail art. I didn't have idea what design should I made, so I used all color that I have that day, hahaha...

Nail art with half flower theme.

Insipred from Boa nail art gallery, and it named "Is this Love?"

Hmm.. very simple.

My first time used nail art pen from Aqualip.

My first nail art with sponge method.

Nail art with blue rhinestone.

My cute nail art at that day, hehehe :D

do you think this is cute? or too excessive?


Simple? yeah..

Revlon Vixen combine with The Skin Food Gold Glitter.

Isn't pretty enough?

Black, white, and pink :)

Simple dots.

Simple stripes, he he :p

with Blue hole from The Skin Food.


  1. You really are talented!
    I'm fall in love with your nail art..
    belajar sendiri ato ngeles?

  2. I love the Revlon+skin food and the following pink one the most! great job on the early attempts at nail art ;)

  3. Thank you all :)

    @Vani: ini belajar sendiri, hehe..