Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nail art with Konad & Blink

I made nail art with my Konad and Blink. So difficult to use that. I think Blink stamping is better than Konad because the rubber is not elastic like Konad rubber. But I like Konad scraper, because Blink scraper was made from plastic and hard to wipe nail polish on the plate.

This is the result: *sorry for the bad lighting and blur :)

This is my Blink's stamping nail art

I think better I use my brush rather than use stamping nail art, because it's so hard for me.


  1. Hiii i'll follow you :D I love Indonesia :D My husband is indonesian ^^

    Love your nail art too, it's very cute. See you :)

  2. Thank you
    This is my result after trial so many times and the result still not too good ^^

  3. Very nice :)
    Come to my blog if you like :)

  4. I am not using my konad scraper instead I use a plastic card. I cannot handle my scraper good.

  5. I don't know if a plastic card can use as a scraper. Maybe I should try that ^^

  6. Nice info...
    I got my Blink stamping last week. It's pretty easy to use. They have 2 choices of scrapper..metal and plastic. I don't know why, but I handle plastic scrapper better than the metal scrapper...hehe...but stil I love freehand nail art better :)