Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nail Art - Butterfly

I made butterfly on my nail and the grass with sponge. And here it is.

I use The Skin Food base coat, top coat, and for white color, I use The Skn Food BW 704, and The Skin Food Aqua Green BL 514 for the background color. And for the glitter, I use The Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle Blue Hole. Hahaha.. All I used for my nail art of the day from The Skin Food nail polish. But for the black color, I used Nail Art Pen from Aqualip.

By the way, this is swatch for The Skin Food Nail Vita BL 514.

Without Flash.

If you look this color, the real color is not like this picture. The real color looks like green but with a hint of blue. It's difficult to describe this color, hahaha..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snow on The Black Shatter

My nail art today with OPI Black Shatter over Konad Solid Pop Pink. I added snow effect with white color from The Skin Food BW 704 and apply with sponge. And for the base coat and top coat, I use The Skin Food. This is the result.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nail Art - Tartan Flower

My nail art of the day inspired from tartan motive. I combined with white flower, and here it is.

after edit with photoshop

When I'm on my car, sunny day.

I used TSF base coat, top coat and white color for the flower, and the red color from OPI Color So Hot It Berns. Green color from China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald, and black color from Aqualip nail art pen.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nail Art - Gold and Black with Sponge

My nail art of the day, I used gold and black color with sponge. Added a rhinestone to make it sparkling. And here it is.

- The Skin Food Base Coat
- LA Colors Hint of Silver
- The Skin Food Black
- The Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle 01 Gold
- The Skin Food Top Coat

I realize after I got a job, I just have little time to make nail art, hahaha.. so try to make simple nail art. But if I have more time, I will make festive nail art. :)