Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nubar Prism - Jewel with OPI Black Shatter

I still want to play with OPI Black Shatter, and now I combined with Nubar Prism - Jewel. And this is the result. Until now, I still take a practice how to make a good crack, hahaha.. :)

Nubar Prism - Jewel

From my mini haul, I try Nubar Prism - Jewel first. I applied two coat because this is sheer color, but the holographic and glitter are very rich. This is the swatch.

This picture was taken under the lamp, without flash.

With Flash

If compared with my Milani Holograpic, Nubar comes with bold color, but still sheer. Over all, I think Nubar Prism and Milani Holographic has little different, and I can get Milani nail polish cheaper than Nubar.

Mini haul

Hello, I'm back with my mini haul of nail polish. I got Nubar prism series - Jewel, Orly Cosmix FX - Space Cadet, and China Glaze vintage vixen series - Emerald Fitzgerald.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I want to thank especially for Chell from this award. I saw so many blogger has been tag with this award, so maybe I just can share 7 things about myself. And here it is.

- I'm a hard worker person ;)
- I like work on a corporate but after my money enough, I would like to get my own business. Maybe a franchise, or anything else.
- I hate so much sunlight because my skin is very sensitive, and may get burn easily. My skin color become red with only 30 minutes because of the sunlight.
- All pastel's color is my favourite.

I'm very sleepy today, because this is my second day work on a corporate. Maybe tomorrow I will continue this. :) 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shiseido - Majolica Majorca PK 441, GR 444 combine with OPI Black Shatter

I tried to combine Shiseido MM PK 441 and GR 444 with OPI Black Shatter.

Shiseido PK 441 with OPI Black Shatter. First, I try the black shatter on my toe, and this is the result.

Shiseido nail polish comes with very small brush. It makes me hard to apply on my nails. But, this nail polish no need long time to dry. The color is very sheer. My first black shatter on my toe is a little bit failed, hahaha.. It doesn't looks like crack. Maybe I need some practice.

Shiseido GR 444

This picture was taken with flash

First impression from this nail polish. This is very very sheer color. And the brush was so small. But the glitter looks great. After combined with OPI Black Shatter will be:

This picture was taken without flash, beside the window with sunlight.

And my favourite crack is:

I think, the black shatter will looks good combine with sparkling nail color. For the first time, I found a little bit hard to makes the crack I want, but after try about 3 times, I got the crack I want.

By the way, I got a job about two days ago, and I'm happy for that. Now I can continue painting on my nails, hahaha... Welcome back my lovely nail polish ^_^

OPI - Black Shatter has arrived!!!!!

After wait about 2 months my OPI Black Shatter has arrived. Hahaha... I'm so happy and curious to use that.

By the way, This is my bare nails hold OPI Black Shatter.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shiseido - Majolica Majorca

Hi all, about two weeks I can't paint on my nail because I have a job interview, so I don't want the interviewer think my nails are girly, festive, or something like that. So I keep my nails naked for a couple weeks but after I got a job, I will paint my nail as usually, hahaha... Hope I get the right job :)

About five days ago, I received two majolica majorca nail polish and nail sticker from She is an Indonesian blogger, and when she held giveaway, I choose majolica majorca nail polish and I got them. She also gave milk body gel sample as a bonus.

After I got a job, I will continue my nail art activity and I'll give you swatch from this nail polish. :)