Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shiseido - Majolica Majorca PK 441, GR 444 combine with OPI Black Shatter

I tried to combine Shiseido MM PK 441 and GR 444 with OPI Black Shatter.

Shiseido PK 441 with OPI Black Shatter. First, I try the black shatter on my toe, and this is the result.

Shiseido nail polish comes with very small brush. It makes me hard to apply on my nails. But, this nail polish no need long time to dry. The color is very sheer. My first black shatter on my toe is a little bit failed, hahaha.. It doesn't looks like crack. Maybe I need some practice.

Shiseido GR 444

This picture was taken with flash

First impression from this nail polish. This is very very sheer color. And the brush was so small. But the glitter looks great. After combined with OPI Black Shatter will be:

This picture was taken without flash, beside the window with sunlight.

And my favourite crack is:

I think, the black shatter will looks good combine with sparkling nail color. For the first time, I found a little bit hard to makes the crack I want, but after try about 3 times, I got the crack I want.

By the way, I got a job about two days ago, and I'm happy for that. Now I can continue painting on my nails, hahaha... Welcome back my lovely nail polish ^_^


  1. Love the crack!!
    btw i tag you on some blog award